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Rebecca Julia Brown

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How Rebecca Brown made a difference to my life

Looking back, I had a fairly regular childhood, a wonderfully loving and hardworking mother and an industrious father who did his best. As a family we were determined to exhibit and act out the illusion of a healthy and functional family unit. We went to church, good schools, etc.

We did the best we could to uphold the notion of family values and Christian principles but as with so many families wading knee deep in hypocrisy, mine eventually decided to separate. Tearing apart our superficial exhibition of a loving family and destroying what I thought - as children do, would be an inevitable future together as a unit. The divorce was a particularly ugly and bitter experience and being a very emotional sole, my mother was significantly affected. Naturally as a family, however dysfunctional, we all were affected, each in our own way, some to a lesser or greater extent...

My younger brother had tragically past away prior to the actual divorce. He was riding his new bicycle and he may have failed to stop at a stop-sign and was fatally wounded by an oncoming car. I have always struggle to accept this tragedy. It saddens me to this day when I consider the possibilities of what may have been, if things were somehow different.

During the divorce proceedings, my father met a woman at a Christian meeting and very soon after that was again married. Our family assets, apart from my father’s business, were swiftly sold off and distributed in a settlement between my parents.

My father and his new wife made a new life together, indulged in an extravagant lifestyle, afforded in part from the sale of his business and the success of a subsequent venture. My mother eventually found happiness moving to the coast.

What the exact circumstances were during my father’s second marriage, I do not fully understand. I offered my faithful mother unconditional support leading up to and during the divorce and as a consequence, chose not to see or communicate with my father for approximately fifteen years after the proceedings.

As soon as the “good-times” began to dwindle and the various well-appointed items steadily began to disappear from his new life, so did his new wife. I never saw the luxurious sports cars, aeroplanes, motorcycles and speedboats, etc. but I did get to see and live in his modern home.

My reconciliation with my father was not as a result of his second wife leaving him but was a conscious decision on my part to release myself from the years of angst which I had been harbouring for far too long.

I was fortunate, at that stage, to have found a good job with an international company and I was able to support myself and ironically occasionally offer some support to my dad who at that stage had lost everything except his house and was out of work.

I spent most of my time overseas yet was able to spend time at home with my farther whenever I was back in the country. We used every possible moment to try and make up for all the lost years of separation which a divorcé and my hurt had induced.

Subsequently, the international company which I worked for went into receivership and I was forced to occupy a consultancy position.

I recently made the decision to start my own business. Being back in the country and living with my dad meant that my personal expenses were minimal thanks to my father’s support, accommodating roof and meals at home. In this uncertain global economic climate, it afforded me the opportunity to concentrate on launching an ambitious commercial venture with a significantly low overhead and besides this, I was extremely happy to be at home with my family which now included my father’s third wife.

In my line of work we concentrate on bringing joy and happiness to children and to encourage them to reach their full potential, regardless of their circumstances. We focus on social issues, taking a stand were injustice prevails by introducing them to a “kind and caring”, virtuous and healthy, sincere set of lifestyle choices. It is tremendously rewarding work.

A few weeks earlier, my father was encouraged to attend a seminar delivered by the now infamous Rebecca Brown. He was hoping that I would attend it with him but sometimes the demands and pressures of a new business can be overwhelming.

A day after the Rebecca Brown seminar had run its course; I excitedly visited him at his office to fill him in on recent developments regarding my project. I had not seen him for a few days due to my vigorous working schedule and his Rebecca Brown commitments.

On the morning I arrived at his office eager to share my exciting news, I was mortified by what was about to take place. Unbeknown to me was that our camaraderie was about to be exposed to another of life’s cruel jokes.
My father had something urgent to tell me. He warned me that it was going to be unpleasant and continued to calmly explain that he was obligated to inform me that it had come to his attention that I have a demon in me or perhaps more than one and that I would have to move out of the house with immediate effect. I was permitted to have contact with him and family members but not at our home nor on any part of his property.

For all practical purposes, this has proven a logistical nightmare.

For the remainder of that day and that very night, I had no-ware to go. I had been evicted from my own family and our home - for no plausible or rational reason other than being accused of being inhabited (not possessed) by demons.

My bedroom was packed up the very next day, by a tearful and distraught maid, who was and remains incredibly troubled by my misfortune along with the brutality and speed at which this offensive incident was taking place. I was forbidden to be placed near or on the premises, even to pack-up my belongings.

Understandably, I am still very upset by this sudden development and it is impacting on my work.
The pain, despair and sense of rejection overwhelm me and I remain incredibly distressed by this strange and irrational behaviour.

After fifteen years of no communications between a farther and his son and then to have reconciled - living harmoniously up until this juncture and then to be exiled in a flash, due to an apparent demonic invasion – is mindboggling! I offer assurance that I do not dabble or care for the occult and remain entirely convinced that I am in no way, shape or form inhabited or possessed by any dark demonic force what-so-ever!

Remaining in constant communication with Rebecca Brown, my farther has begun to burn household furniture, which Rebecca has never seen, but has managed to convince him they carry demonic curses and consequently are being destroyed and removed from his home.

We had a magnificent outdoor table, left over from the days of plenty, which was ordered to be disposed of. The massive bold base unit which supported a large glass top has subsequently been smashed to smithereens, as if it were an objectionable statue and not a harmless practical and functional item. Apparently it welcomed evil into the home...

The pace and fervour at which items of jewellery and personal mementos are being burned and destroyed is flabbergasting, to say the least!

This is all taking place by the hand of a man with a heavy hart, who misses his son and is saddened by our ‘sanctified’ separation – Yet he remains utterly convinced that God will punish him if he does not take heed and obey Brown’s warnings. In addition, his former personal wealth will never be restored if he does not execute Rebecca’s decree without question!

In communicating all that has taken place and is still ongoing. My immediate family has begun to argue amongst themselves, with one another and with my father over his strange behaviour and relationship with Brown. This has subsequently put tremendous strain on our family, causing relationships to break down as a result of his compulsion which is being constantly fuelled and encouraged by Rebecca Brown’s audio cassettes and books.

It is not customary for us as a family to air personal and private family matters with the world but I have chosen this incident as an exception to the rule, in the hope that other families would not be subjected to Rebecca Brown’s nonsensical ravings and strange influences.

My advice to anyone is to have nothing to do with her. Stay as far away as you possibly can, for the sake of everything that is decent, respectable and held dear. This entire demonic obsession is indeed really worrying. I hope that intelligent people will see through the awful misguidance of it all. Most shocking is that it can split families - that is the real tragedy of it all. Let the "demonic lot" revel in the powers of negativity and inhumanity. I fear for their futures and still cannot believe that there are awful people out there who are so intent on harming others.

From firsthand experience combined with fastidious research, I have come to some conclusions which are besides the fact that in 1984; Brown's medical license was revoked due to malpractice. And that she had over-medicated her patients to include herself. And that she administered improper treatments, blaming their illnesses on "demons, devils, and evil spirits". And that she fraudulently misused prescriptions. And that she is diagnosed as suffering from acute personality disorders including demonic delusions and paranoid schizophrenia. And that she is a chronic substance abuser and despite this... some people still believe everything she proclaims. How incredible!

Here is an individual who is obviously enormously troubled yet at the same time has the canning ability to deceive. Like a cunning con-artist, she has the ability to recognise weaknesses in others. She is obviously more adept at deception than her congregation are aware of, most probably as a direct result of a lifetime of disingenuous behaviour. She seems to have refined the necessary skills which are used to prey on the vulnerability of her unsuspecting audience by luring them into her macabre dark underworld - under the guise of being a helpful Christian.

In all fairness, one would have to be attracted to or share a certain bizarre fascination with the occult in order to even choose to be exposed to this sort of phenomenon, let alone find it interesting enough to attend Brown’s workshops or seminars?

Despite this, they do. And some people seem to lose their sense of perspective with tragic consequences. Instead of looking to God for solutions, they look to man.

“All man seemingly wants to do at this point is sell books and enrich her own life..?”

I am astonished at the influence which a sect leader, usually an individual like Brown, is able to exert over another human being or over a group in general.
In society, a person is held accountable for their actions. Not so in a fanatically religious sect and apparently not so in the zealous state of affairs as they relate to Rebecca Brown.

I have sent my dear farther a few authentic and reputable articles for consideration, exposing Brown for who she really is but they are rejected outright as the work of the devil and authored by demons. (Rebecca Brown (Christian author),The Curse of Curse Theology, The Return of Rebecca Brown, M.D. , Personal Freedom Outreach, etc.) An article by John Baskette makes for interesting reading.

Rebecca Julia Brown or ‘Ruthless’ Irene Bailey seems to have the perfect trump card in her hand at all times because any criticisms which are levelled at her person or at her behaviour, can and often is, easily explained away as being the work of the devil . Any factual revolations which can discredit her are conveniently dismissed as the evil work of demons.

If you are unable to rationally challenge an individual or a group’s particular behaviours, then that person or group is never held to account for anything they say or do and they are able to act on any situation with impunity. The German SS division of the Nazi party are just one of many extreme examples of how people behave or what people are capable of doing when they are not held accountable for their actions.

Furthermore, when an individual needs to consume copious amounts of medication in order to more or less function – we refer to them as being drug addicts or substance abusers. But in Rebecca Brown’s case, she has managed to convince her followers that she is neither a drug addict nor a substance abuser, simply because she has a legitimate need to consume copious amounts of tablets. They apparently ease the pain cased by demons? Has anyone who is an addict or knows one or has lived with one, ever witness the addict admitting that he or she has a real problem? Does anyone know an honest addict? Perhaps one may come across an honest rehabilitated drug addict, sure!

I thankfully do not know much about the occult but from what I am currently being exposed to, it is the most outrageous thing I have ever come across! On an idiotic scale from one to ten - this is 11. I am almost at a loss for words when met with this class of extreme, bizarre and irrational behaviour.

Shame on you Rebecca Brown!

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